A few words from the artist.


I am a professional photographer located in Palm Beach, Florida. A local native, born and raised here I’ve emerged amongst the vibrant colors this tropical paradise has to offer. South Florida creates this sizzling light that provides incredible life to thousands of tropical species. The kind of light that is available all year round but takes mastering in order to give this metropolitan area the admiration it deserves. Its not just the intensity in the dynamic range the light here produces but combining this versatility with the equally stirring subjects that produces a colorful oasis. The subpart of Florida, contains around 21 million bodies. One third of South Florida’s population is combined in just three counties alone, including Palm Beach, Broward and Miami-Dade county. Traveling through or staying for good, starting or ending, business or history; it all happens here. This is where my life began. I was introduced to a camera early in life, the Polaroid I-Zone (early 2000s) to be exact. Fast forward on a VHS to 2014, I acquire my Bachelor’s of Science in Photography from The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale. The following four years I worked as a retoucher/photo editor until I decided to open this company. With high quality imagery creating an authentic presence to Florida’s lustrous cultural background, I intend to capture the bold thriving life that dances through the night while generating tremendous opportunity during the day. This will be critically effective in marketing specifically to the audience that requires constant documentation with flare and lasting impressions that could potentially be a marker in history. My intentions are to provide these essential services for yourself, company, or brand in a professional atmosphere. If you're interested in Biancam Studios' services, please fill out the form provided to get a quote. You can contact me via text/email/call. Thank you so much for exploring through our website!